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Association between sugar-sweetened beverages and waist circumference in adult populations
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Τρίτη 06 Ιούλ 2021
A meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies

Edris Ardeshirlarijani, Yahya Jalilpiran,Elnaz Daneshzad,Bagher Larijani,Nazli Namazi, Leila Azadbakht
© 2020 European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. Published by Elsevier Ltd

Background & aim: Based on previous studies, Sugar-Sweetened beverages (SSB) can increase the risk of obesity and obesity-related disorders. However, findings are conflicting. The aim of the present study
was to summarize the association between the intake of SSB and waist circumference (WC) in adult populations.
Methods: Four electronic databases including PubMed/Medline, Web of Knowledge, Scopus, and EMBASE were considered to collect eligible papers until 31 January 2019 with English language.
Results: Finally, we reached 7 eligible cohort studies for both qualitative and quantitative synthesis. Based on the pooled 10 effect sizes, we found that the consumption of SSB can increase WC by 14%. However, it was not statistically significant and the between-study heterogeneity was high . We also observed that soda drink can increase WC by 31%.
Conclusion: The current systematic review and meta-analysis revealed that the consumption of SSB can increase WC by 14% in adult populations. However, this value was not statistically significant. However, more prospective studies are necessary to make a decision on the link between the consumption of SSB and abdominal obesity.

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